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Music : Design

Feb. 24th, 2006 | 03:08 pm
mood: deviousdevious

What is up all you blog readers? I was having a hard time figuring out what to blog about the past week, but it finally hit me. Do any of you rely on music for your designs? I was just thinking about it, and I figured out that I get most of my ideas, not while listening to music but mainly while looking at band sites. Now I am really into the whole Indie music scene and I follow it pretty closely. What I have found is that most (most… some are super crappy as you will see..) Indie bands have professionally made websites. I don't know if there is an explanation for any of this because most of the bands are pretty cheap/poor. Then again, if they are singed to a label, most labels pay for that type of thing basically for advertisement.

Anyways, I know i cant really say it and not show it, so ill be a big loser and list a whole list of bands with pretty decent sites, maybe some of you will get inspired or something magical like that... Ok, you probably won’t slash don’t care but whateves!

Here comes my listy! (Be prepared for some super trash design, but then again there is some nice stuff, hold onto your headphones!)

http://www.anberlin.com/index2.php (how do they do that face thing?) (refresh it a few times, there are different faces!)
http://www.envelopes.se/index.php (I like this one a lot)
http://www.roguewavemusic.com/ (turn your speakers down, it auto plays a song)

I could go on for days, but that would be a bore! have fun!
Post up any other cool sites you guys/girls find!

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Feb. 17th, 2006 | 12:36 pm
mood: scaredDamn beavers! out to get me!!!


WIND W 78 km/h
GUSTS 91 km/h <---- Holy Macaroli!(and I dont even know what macaroli is!!!)
PRESSURE 99.82 kPa
CEILING 4500 ft

The wind is so strong today that when I went on the highway, my wipers lifted off as if they were going to take off! Then a massive branch fell onto the road in front of me! IT WAS MADNESS PEOPLE!

Did anyone see the signs on the Abbott campus that had all blown over!? I mean there is a massive concrete block holding them up too!!!
This isn't normal people!!

I sail all summer and winds rarely ever even hit 40 km/h and when winds hit 40 km/h you don't go sailing! I can't even begin to imagine 90 km/h!

Who wants to go sailing!?!?! :P

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CRC Scores. + University.

Jan. 25th, 2006 | 08:04 pm
mood: Where is Naked?

CRC Scores are up people, go check them.

I'm kind of pissed off right now, because yet again my CRC has dropped... Plus I want to go to university and my chances are dissipating it seems...

While on the university subject.

I was thinking, maybe The PDHT teachers could arrange like a meeting where students are welcome to come and we could discuss different university programs that different schools offer and their benefits and basic stuff like that. (Maybe even an academic advisor could show up?)

I know that most students want to move on to university but we are mostly clueless as to what program to do into.

Thats about all I feel like blogging about right now....

Oh important fact: I got a new pair of slippers today. Rock On!

Lastly. I found an awesome Paperbag site check it out: http://www.shitdisco.co.uk/

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